A Review of Blake and the Bible

My review of Christopher Rowland's book was published by Books and Culture, a magazine I have long admired for its range and sensitivity.  I wrote a review of one of my favorite poets for them earlier, and when I saw this book's announcement, I thought B+C just the right venue. Here's an excerpt:

There's no reason to do this. Blake was not, like e. e. cummings or Apollinaire after him, a graphic poet, wherein the capitalizations and/or misspellings of words are part and parcel in the process of making meaning. He was a graphic artist, and a poet, and a publisher of sorts, but not a very careful editor. When Blake fails to place a comma in a sentence where one is, by modern grammatical standards, required, he's not making a point, or bucking the system; he's just not being careful, and it doesn't help modern readers to leave his whimsical punctuation in place as though it's authoritative. It is authorial, but that's not the same thing.

You can read the whole review (free) here.