Scholarly Articles

A Hateful Cawing of the Crows: W. E. Aytoun's Satirical Misfire.” Victorian Literature and Culture.

Fading Crimean Flowers: Spasmodic Sonnets on the War. Victoriographies.

Shelley's Spasmodic Afterlife. The Politics of Shelley: History, Theory, and Form; a special issue of Romantic Circles.

Violence and Absence: Wordsworth Struck Dumb by the Simplicity of Innocence. RaVoN 62.1

Theatricality and Imaginative Failure in Keats. Literary and Poetic Representations of Work and Labor in the Romantic Era. ed. Christopher Clason and Robert F. Anderson, Edwin Mellen Press: 62-85.


Spellbinding: a review of Mariner: A Voyage with Samuel Taylor Coleridge by Malcome Guite, Mere Orthodoxy. Fall 2017.

Selling Romantic Victorianism: a review of Literary Advertising and the Shaping of British Romanticism by Nicholas Mason, Victorian Periodicals Review 47.3 Fall. 

Jar of Flies: a review of Flies by Michael Dickman. Books and Culture, July 2011.

Unto Thyself any Graven Images: a review of Blake and the Bible by Christopher Rowland. Books and Culture, November 2011.


“Three September Seventeen Eighty Six” from Italienische Reise by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. [under review]

To His Heart. from “A Se Stesso” by Giacomo Leopardi. Basalt Magazine.

“Infinite.” from “L’Infinito” by Giacomo Leopardi. Basalt Magazine.


Excuse Me Love Li. J Journal: New Writing on Justice.

Christening. Saint Katherine Review.

Pastoral. Mockingbird.

Surface Tension. BoneShaker.

Hard to GetGrain: A Journal of Eclectic Verse.

CoolRio Grande Review.

On DanteLines+Stars

The Help. Mare Nostrum.

Mnemesis. Mare Nostrum.

A Medieval Roman Theology, AbridgedInch Magazine.

View from the Ponte Vecchio. Inch Magazine.

A Difference in Terms. Goodfoot: A Poetry Magazine.

Mudcake. After Hours: A Journal of Chicago Writing and Art.

Half-Empty. Spindrift Art and Literary Journal.

Model Wife. Spindrift Art and Literary Journal.

Dream at BethelThe Christian Century.

Artifact. The Matthews House Project.

Genesis. The Matthews House Project.

Ode to Evanescence. Mare Nostrum

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