Teaching Awards

  • Acting Instructor Teaching Award, Department of English, UW, 2013.
  • Teaching Fellow, Eberhard Karls University, Tübingen 2011-12
  • Joan Webber Award for Outstanding Teaching, Department of English, UW, 2010 (Hon Men)
  • Webber Outstanding Teaching Prize for 100-Level Teaching Assistant, Expository Writing Program, UW, nomination, 2009.


Student Responses

I am not an English guy. I am a double major in Math and Statistics. So, writing is difficult for me. This class was able to get me more comfortable with my writing. I really liked the classroom examples. I took a class like this last year and ended up dropping it; the teacher was dull and the class was boring. I need to hand it to you. This class was a lot of fun. I enjoyed your sense of humor. This class was great! Thanks. 
Dr. Willett helped cultivate and revive the creativity in my writing. The comments were to the point, direct, and extremely helpful in helping me become a better writer. After taking other classes with writing involved, this was a breath of fresh air.


Everything done in this class I loved. It was the class I looked forward to. I enjoyed all the special things like small groups, trip to Special Collections; I liked the rolling deadline: it gave more freedom and let you decide when you felt your paper was finished. 


This class was a lot more interactive than most, and that was really excellent. The enthusiasm and openness of class discussions, the interesting mediums (like videotaping and blog postings), and the broader connections (dance, music exposure) really helped me connect what we were learning to the culture of Shakespeare. I loved your enthusiasm and flexibility--it was contagious!
I thought this class was very stimulating. It made me nervous, the approach of the class, but it helped to push boundaries and made me a better writer. The insights on my paper by the teacher, his knowledge of prose and his style of teaching was very helpful and the way the material was presented was enjoyable.

photo by Izzy Guttuso



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